We want results overnight which is why we can’t ready players, Shan Masood

Shan Masood, the opening batsman of the Pakistan Test team, has said that for the betterment of Pakistan cricket, instead of short-term results, long-term planning should be done and the future should be considered. Targeting immediate results will never make players

Speaking to reporters online, Masood said:

“It is important to give players a sense of security. It is natural that if you are insecure, you will not be able to perform openly. If you want to win, you have to lose.”

Shan Masood

We have to endure, we have to see bad days, we don’t get anything without endurance, so we have to show perseverance, we go to the results overnight because of which we can’t produce players.

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The 30-year-old batsman said that cricket is a game that is played for 30 days and the remaining 330 days are spent thinking about the 30 days played, so it is necessary to form a team by forming a group for four years.

Shaun Masood said that Jasin Rai and Rohit Sharma have also become top players by playing cricket continuously.

England cricket changed after 2015 when they decided what to do now, formed a core group of players, and Then keep walking with it, the result of which is in front of everyone today.

He added that the Pakistani players did not have a home advantage like the players of other teams due to which the team did not have the aggression that was in other teams.

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An independent member of the Pakistan Test team, while supporting cricket without spectators, said,

“We will play whatever cricket we can find now. It is not easy for any sportsman to stay at home. The first step is to gradually revive sports.”

Matches have to be played without spectators, fans will get a chance to watch on TV, players will also get a chance to play, without crowds it will not be fun but there is no other option.

He said that it is the duty of everyone to adopt the culture of fitness, not only to prepare to pass the fitness test but also to maintain the quality of fitness at all times of the year as the best teams in the world are fit. There are also the best teams.

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Shaun Masood also strongly supported the revival of departmental cricket and said that departmental cricket helped him a lot in learning, first he played with top players in Habib Bank and then he got mentorship of a player like Younis Khan in UBL. Proved to be very useful, there should be departmental cricket, PCB is also trying, hopefully, a window will come out.

Shaun Masood, who leads Multan Sultans in Pakistan Super League, said that the effort should be made to reschedule the remaining matches of PSL whenever possible and decide the final as the beauty of the league is play-off and knockout stage. ۔

Talking about his career, Shaun Masood said that fluctuations are a part of any player’s career, players should learn from it, I also learned from mistakes.

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