Terrible violence in the Indian state of Bihar by declaring three women witches

In Bihar, is a state in eastern India It is the thirdlargest state by population and twelfth-largest by territory, It is contiguous with Uttar Pradesh to its west, Nepal to the north, the northern part of West Benga to the east, and with Jharkhand to the south.

The Bihar plain is split by the river Ganges, which flows from west to east. Three main cultural regions converge in the state: Magadh, Mithila, and Bhojpur.

News about Bihar

Three women were declared witches, subjected to horrific torture and half-naked and marched around the village.

After the Muslims, the land of India became too narrow for the Sikh community.

According to the details, humiliation of humanity has become a norm in Indian society.

There is neither women’s literature nor respect for minorities. In a village in Bihar state, three women were brutally treated as witches.

They were made to walk around the village half-naked and forced to eat even waste.

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Indian citizens continued to be a picture of shamelessness and brazenly enjoying the plight of women.

After the Muslims, the land of India has become narrow even for the Sikh minority.

A case has been registered against Sikh singer Ranjit Bawa in Jalandhar for making his new song controversial. Hindutva fanatics say the new song has hurt their feelings.

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On 15 November 2000, southern Bihar was ceded to form the new state of Jharkhand. Only 11.3% of the population of Bihar lives in urban areas, which is the lowest in India after Himachal Pradesh.

Additionally, almost 58% of Biharis are below the age of 25, giving Bihar the highest proportion of young people of any Indian state.

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