Karachi 472 people got arrested for not staying at home and increased 72 corona cases.

KARACHI: a minimum of 472 people were arrested for violating the provincial decree on the primary day of a lockdown in Sindh as a neighborhood of the measures being taken by the provincial government against the coronavirus pandemic, consistent with a report on Monday.

Across Sindh, the report said six violators were arrested in Mirpur Khas, eight in Sukkur, and 236 in Larkana, while 222 people were detained in Karachi.

According to the break-down, 16 people were detained in District South, 60 in East, and one within the West.

Separately, a complete of 72 cases were registered across the province. In Karachi, 33 cases were registered, whereas two in Mirpurkhas, one in Sukkur, and 36 in Larkana.

In Karachi, the report said 13 cases were registered in District South, 19 in East, and one within the West.

The government of Sindh had imposed lockdown effective March 23 as Pakistan continued to report cases of coronavirus. As of reporting, the number of confirmed cases had surpassed 850.

Provincial Minister Saeed Ghani, who himself contracted the virus earlier today, had said violators of the lockdown would be arrested by authorities under Section 144 and should be sent to jail.

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