A 17 years old TV series predicting the current state of the coronavirus

17 years ago, the coronavirus was predicted in the Hollywood TV series ‘The Dead Zone’ last year before the dangerous coronavirus spread from China to the rest of the world.

The protagonist of an American TV series, The Dead Zone, foresaw a virus that was supposed to originate in China, 17 years ago.

Surprisingly, this American TV series is similar to the situation caused by the global epidemic Corona virus today.

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The TV series also mentions the need to wear a mask to prevent the spread of the virus and that the virus could be treated with coloroquine.

The American TV series “The Dead Zone” also predicted that lockdown would become a necessity due to the virus.

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 Strangely similar to today’s situation, this story is a masterpiece of Reuters’ imaginative flight, but we must keep in mind that it is just a drama.

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